SEPTEMBER  19 2019

As data lovers, we’re always looking for new data to explore. That’s why we’ve introduced the Alteryx Summer Series. Over the last few months, we’ve been exploring different datasets from sports to food to construction, and now we’ll be looking at one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada, Cannabis.


The webinar will focus on current challenges cannabis companies face due to uncertain government regulations. This will include quality control auditing, production/pricing decisions, as well as presenting data to commercial insurers and regulatory bodies.


Some of the questions our Alteryx expert will answer through this session will include:

1.       How quickly can I modify my workflow to meet new regulations?

2.       How can I monitor the quality of my product and packaging using Alteryx?

3.       What management decisions can be made as a result of the data available?

Whether you’re just seeing Alteryx for the first time, interested in cannabis industry analytics, or an expert Alteryx user looking for new ideas on how to use Alteryx, this webinar is for you!

Online Webinar

September 19th, 2019

2 PM - 3 PM ET


Jason Bekkedam

Data Analytics Consultant, Newcomp Analytics

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  • Introduction to the Cannabis industry challenges & data available 

  • Analysis using Alteryx on THC Percentage, Infestation Analysis, Packaging, and much more

  • Questions & Wrap-up




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