Building an R Macro

R is a powerful statistical language and environment which provides great control and flexibility. Being able to integrate R into Alteryx is essential for organizations who require statistical procedures that don’t exist within Alteryx by default. In this webinar, we will cover how to build a standard Macro and how to incorporate an R Macro to perform Polynomial Curve fitting in Alteryx.


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Join us for a series of live webinars that will cover various key features and capabilities of Alteryx. Learn how to easily manage & manipulate data, quickly discover trends through running complex predictive functions, and create reports that translate data analysis into visualizations. 

Our Data Scientist, Hannah Lee, will walk you through our live webinars. Feel free to ask her any questions!


Hannah Lee is a Data Scientist at Newcomp Analytics who specializes in predictive analytics consulting services. She utilizes complex machine learning algorithms with easy to understand visualizations in order to target client business problems. She also works to educate and inform clients of the methodologies and software that are being used so that clients can tackle future issues independently.


Data Prep and Investigation

Obtaining an initial understanding of a data file as well as preparing the data for analysis are both essential tasks to complete before any predictive modeling can be performed. In this webinar, we will learn how to format and add relevant fields, as well as how to investigate data with visualizations, tables, and graphs which will give us foresight before we complete our predictive modeling.


Predictive Grouping

Identifying groups of customers with similar demographics and behaviors, or Market Segmentation, is a key component in cost-effective marketing and can even be used to further a predictive model’s accuracy. In this webinar, we will cover the various methods of forming clusters based on customer information and behavior as well as how correctly interpret these clusters for business use.


Time Series Modeling

Forecasting how data will fluctuate in the coming days, months, and years is an important part of any business. Being able to visualize the overall trend and future seasonality can have a profound impact on how an organization makes their business decisions. In this webinar we will cover Alteryx’s time-based forecasting models and learn how to compare their results.


Regression Modeling

Regression modeling is used in order to estimate the relationship among predictive fields of a dataset to a target field, while also calculating a predictor’s influence and the model’s strength. In this webinar, we will cover the tools that Alteryx provides that perform different variations of regression and learn how to score each model to find the technique that fits best with our data. We will also investigate the relationship between our predictive variables and our target variables.




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